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Porcelain Restorations


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Products and Service Excellence

Lakewood Dental Laboratory’s delivers excellent customer service along with quality dental appliances for over 40 years.  Using the latest in technological advances, our products are the best fitting, shading, comfort and design.  We strive to provide our dentist partners with exceptional patient satisfaction.

  • Dentures: Premium Dentures, Cast Partial Framework, Flippers and Temporary Acrylic Partials, Denture Information Transfer (DIT), and Custom Trays
  • Nightguards: Hard Nightguards, Hard/Soft Nightguards, and Soft Nightguards
  • Repairs: Repair, Reinforcement, Teeth, Solder Joint, Wire Clasps, Rebase, Cold Cure Relines and Heat Cure Relines
  • Porcelain Restorations: Porcelain Metal Crown, Porcelain Pontic, Margins, Veneer, Inlay, Full Crown, and Captek

  • Crown & Bridge: Screw Retained Crown; Full Cast Crown or Pontic; Inlay, Onlay and 3/4 Crown; Implant Crown; Dentsply Implant; Titanium Implant Custom Abutment; Zirconia Implant Custom Abutment; E-Max; and BruxZir
  • Additional  Items: Cast Connectors, Splitted Crowns, Crown Under Partial, Broken Stree Attachment, Post Soldering, Crown with Post, Reduction Coping, Transfer Die, Addtional Working Model, Soft Tissue Models, Solder Contact, Repair and Replace Porcelain