About Lakewood Dental Laboratory

your dental lab for fixed and removable high quality restorations


To use the latest in technological advances to create dental restoration products that are comfortable and have a great fit.


To provide our dentist partners with exceptional patient satisfaction, superior customer service and great products.


To continue  our over 40 year tradition of excellence in quality dental appliances, reliable turn around, and dependable delivery.

Our Team

Our team of skilled dental restoration technicians have over 65 years of professional experience.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service along with quality dental appliances.

We use the latest technology and are experts in creating superior comfort for our fixed and removable dental devices.

We Have Exceptional Turn Around Times


NEXT DAY: Model Work, Minor Repairs and Cold Cure Relines
2 DAYS:  Heat Cure Relines, Soft Liners and Rebases
3 DAYS:  Custom trays, Baseplate with Wax Rim, 1 to 3 Tooth Flippers and Vacuum Forms
5 DAYS:  Set and Waxup, Process and Finish and Acrylic Partials
6 DAYS:  Immediate Dentures and Splints
10 DAYS: Cast Partial Frameworks
13 DAYS: Cast Framework with Set Up


Crown & Bridge: Please allow 10 working days for fabrication.  Complex case and implant cases will require additional time.

We Deliver

We deliver to the Denver Metropolitan Area.