What are Our Turn Around Times?

Lakewood Dental Laboratory takes pride in producing quality dental restorations with great customer service. This includes providing excellent turn around times.


NEXT DAY:  Model Work, Minor Repairs and Cold Cure Relines
2 DAYS:       Heat Cure Relines, Soft Liners and Rebases
3 DAYS:       Custom trays, Baseplate with Wax Rim, 1 to 3 Tooth Flippers and Vacuum Forms
5 DAYS:       Set and Waxup, Process and Finish and Acrylic Partials
6 DAYS:       Immediate Dentures and Splints
10 DAYS:     Cast Partial Frameworks
13 DAYS:     Cast Framework with Set Up


Crown & Bridge: Please allow 10 working days for fabrication. Complex case and implant cases will require additional time.